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Quadcopter BYRD Advanced Version 1.0  - Quality radio controlled drone (RTF GPS) with Gimbal suitable for GoPro style sports camera (Note: Camera not Included and this drone only works with GoPro series 4 camera)



The design, which changes the rules:

Byrd Advanced Version 1.0 Is a versatile flying platform. Fully portable modular design which allows you to customise Byrd Advanced at your discretion. Byrd Advanced is absolutely safe,absolutly reliable and simply packed with useful features that bring you an unforgetable experience duriing the fliight.


Full portability

Byrd Advanced was created with the idea of full portability. Foldable arms,propellers,landing gear - all added up to the size of iPad and easy to fit in your backpack

Dimensions (when folded) - 273mm x 223mm x 107mm

Dimension (un-folded) - 622mm

The modular design

The modular platform is carefully designed and allows an infinite number of assembly options. You can instantly change the suspension creating a configuration that is best for you personally. Take impressive pictures  or video added by a suitable Go Pro or sports type camera in countless angles and the smallest details.


Safety First

The design of the drone includes several features required to meet air safety requirements and flight ban in certain arears and regulation of the maximum values of height / distance of the flight. Propellers with puncture-proof protection system. And when the battery is low provides a warning for a trouble-free flight on the timley return of the drone back home.

Absolute reliability

In order to ensure the quality, Byrd was tested in the toughest parts of the world. Drone flying in conditions of extreme heat, cold and humidity. Byrd was also exposed to strrong vibrations and tested for survival in falls.



Smart features

Byrd Advanced is equiped with important features that will enhance and strengthen the range of your feelings.

Byrd Advanced was created for the world in which we live. Free your hands and enjoy the moment while Byrd will follow you without any effort on your part. Concentrate on your own actions, rather than the drone flight.

Powerfull traction system

Byrd is power. The traction system allows Byrd surley lifted to 3.8 kg while maintaining the possibility of maneuvering at optmal speed. Under the recommended weight distribution of energy, Byrd will be carefully balanced between the opening and closing force and speed that will allow you to enjoy the fullness sensation of flight

Long battery life

Light as a feather, 14.2V - 7000mAh - 99.4Wh - 4s Lipo Battery



Drone management effortlessly

Ergonomic remote controls, flexible modes of flight, off course stability and concise interface creats a strong bond between man and machine

Accurate positioning

The remote control panel uses several diffrent modes for flight  and flying styles

GPS - mode - the most accurate hover, providing security and stability, Relax and enjoy the flight.

Altitude mode - Byrd will maintain a constant height, without interfering with the flight control processes

Simplified interface

Now just fly. Simple and user-friendly application will allow everyone to just take Byrd and start flying. Manage camera, plan routes to your taste and easly adjust the settings from your device.



GDU Advanced Byrd Is supplied with a sports Camera Gimbal that will suit most GoPro style Camera's.









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